Tim Millar
Senior Design Consultant

Tim Millar
"Occasionally a client will come to me with a belief that what they really want is not possible. It's exciting to present to these people a design solution that exceeds their expectations."

Tim has worked in residential building design for the last 25 years. He ran his own building design practice for a decade, designing and documenting extensions, new homes, and unit developments. He worked at a prestigious new home building company for a year as a design consultant, and part-time at RMIT for three years, teaching architectural drafting and residential construction to aspiring draftsmen and designers.

At Duncan Thompson Tim has brought these years of experience to a senior design role where he can concentrate on what he loves most and does best; working with clients to design the best possible extension for their home.

With his extensive experience, both as an independent designer and as part of the design-construct team, Tim has a deep understanding of the extension design process – and of the importance of keeping the design goals and the budget proportionate. He understands that the investment of a home extension is most valuable when it enhances not just the capital value of the home, but the lifestyle of the family.

"I prefer designing extensions to new homes. When people have a strong sense of place, a great extension enhances that relationship. I love to bring new life and energy to a home that has a history, and to surprise my clients with an extension that not only adds the space they need, but transforms the space they have."

Tim Millar
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